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vILT = Virtual Instructor Led Training

Brindis favours Livestreaming training
  • Real life presentation
  • Real life activities
  • Real life discussion
  • Real life application
This means
  • Smaller groups
  • Less slides
  • More ‘aha moments’
  • Better results… quicker
It is delivered in smaller groups for
  • More interactivity than larger groups
  • More discussion potential
  • Ability to adapt the content to the audience needs easily
  • Individual application of the learning points
  • Practical application for results driven activity

6 Questions to ask Virtual Presenters

DSLR Cameras

What equipment do they use? Unless using a digital SLR camera, it is not going to be a crisp, clear picture. If people can’t get a clear picture of you, they will tune out. The camera in the computer is not good enough.


Does the presenter have great lights? If the audience cannot see the presenter, they will find it difficult to trust them.


What microphone to they use? It is important to ensure a crystal-clear message can be heard by the audience as this has and impact on credibilty. Professional equipment and wireless audio system ensures the presenter is heard even when moving around.


Studio Space

Do they have the space to be able to demonstrate something on an iPad or a flip chart so that it is more engaging? If not it is just going to be a screenshare.

Internet and a Back-Up

Do they have reliable internet and a back-up? If one internet fails can the presentation move forward seamlessly.

Platform Knowledge

Do they have great knowledge of the platforms? Whether it’s Zoom, WebEx, Skype, BlueJeans, Facebook. Do they have great knowledge on how to use polls, breakout rooms and the chat box effectively to get audience engagement?