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Our approach to coaching is more pragmatic than dogmatic

We understand the principles and practices in ‘pure’ coaching but equally we recognise our clients to achieve results as effectively as possible so endeavour to make interventions as practical as possible.

From our work in developing sales teams and organisations we know that great sales coaching differentiates the high performing sales teams from the average ones. Whether your challenge is to develop and motivate your best performers or assist your poor performers, coaching has a real role to play in the success of your team.

We typically assist in a variety of areas including

  • Embedding learning from training sessions
  • General support for sales people/sales managers
  • Preparing for pitches
  • Shifting performance blockages
  • Planning account activity
  • Designing personal development plans
‘Performance = Talent + Behaviours’

On the face of it the equation for success is simple. In reality, it is more complex –

Many say that talent is natural. Yet this can be developed with interventions that build on the basics such as:

  • Instilling process
  • Applying technique
  • Improving skill
  • Leveraging support tools

However, having all the talent in the world is not enough. Top performers are also able to understand and align their behaviours. They recognise the things that really make a difference and are able to control they act in way consistent this.

Often people have great intentions but these are not necessarily aligned with the behaviours that will deliver. Basically what they do won’t work.

Coaching can help clarify this to:

  • Accelerate and improve performance.
  • Develop capabilities and personal effectiveness.
  • Boost self-confidence and enjoyment in a role.
  • Increase impact and presence with others.
  • Improve key relationships.
  • Generate greater wellbeing, sense of control and a work/life balance.

Coaching can be a key component in increasing resilience, resourcefulness and ability to thrive in challenging environments and situations.

Unlocking Potential

Coaching for sales, like selling itself, can be complex and involve a number of different elements. Sales coaching requires its own skill set, and unlike sales training – which might be periodic, formal and delivered to groups – sales coaching should be ongoing and individual. Indeed, while sales training is often underused and ineffective due to many factors, coaching for sales is often ignored completely and in doing so an organisation is missing out on a necessary and valuable input for driving results.

Sales coaching mindset

A sales coaching mindset runs through an effective, productive and successful sales culture. It is seen in continual coaching conversations (asking questions, listening, challenging, sharing expertise, developing action plans) that take place throughout the year, rather than merely during annual performance reviews. It should be to benefit the individual and assist in their performance enhancement rather than satisfy an HR department’s requirement for paperwork. A top sales performer should be demanding ongoing coaching and a manager relishing in giving this.

Training programme

In recognition of this we have designed a High Performance Sales Management training programme that can be used to develop any sales manager or sales team leader who is seeking to improve the way they coach, motivate and empower their people. This is built for those wish to develop the competence of their team whilst at the same time inspiring them to exceed what were perceived to be their personal limitations.

  • High Performance Sales Management