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Founder & Principal Consultant

Fred Copestake


Fred is Founder and Principal Consultant at Brindis.

He is an experienced consultant specialising in the field of sales, leadership and performance. His unique style allows him to release the potential from his clients through the ability to understand context and generate insight as well as stimulate and encourage active participation.

He is skilled at providing culturally appropriate, robust and pragmatic support to organisations through designing and delivering effective interventions which deliver tangible results.


On leaving The University of Birmingham in 1993 with an honours degree in Commerce and Spanish (including a year at ICADE, Universidad Pontifice Comillas, Madrid) Fred worked for the IMI Group, moving through various roles including Product Manager to become European Business Development Manager.

In 1999 Fred joined Structured Training, one the UK’s leading providers of sales, management, leadership and coaching solutions. He designed and delivered a number of ‘open’ and ‘in-company’ training courses as well undertaking strategic consulting work with sister company SalesPathways.

Since 2004 Fred has worked as an independent training consultant. A major project undertaken between 2005-2010 was the planning and implementing of the ‘Corona Academy’. Working with Grupo Modelo the Mexican brewer of Corona Extra, he oversaw training and other development initiatives for their distributors. These were run at the European HQ in Brussels and in specific EMEA market countries. As well as providing training services, Fred also offered sales support and assisted as in winning of new business.


In recent years Fred’s work has concentrated on broader commercial development with a variety of organisations. This has provided the opportunity to apply his wide experience to business development, training design / delivery, and performance improvement roles. At all times he seeks to be practical and concentrates on the outcomes that will deliver the commercial results required.

Fred has extensive international experience having worked in over 30 countries, speaks fluent Spanish, conversational French and is an NLP Practitioner. He is comfortable working at all levels of an organisation, from delivering tactical training for new starters through to more strategic interventions and coaching support for more senior members.

He is currently co-authoring the book Selling Through Partnering Skills which uses an innovative framework to use Partnering Intelligence (sometimes know as PQ) with more traditional sales methodologies to create a modern approach to winning business.

Selling Through Partnering Skills

About the book

The world of business is in constant change and the world of sales is evolving to keep up.

From the days of the power close through to solution and insight selling serious sales professionals constantly seek ways to improve. The modern sales person has a host of sales models to help them which this book sorts into Classic, Consultative, Value-Based and Enterprise.

Partnering Intelligence or ‘PQ’ is a means of understanding competence in using the system of behaviours that creates healthy, thriving relationships. Partnering skills can be measured and learned. Combine these with defined processes for implementing and guiding sales, and you have a repeatable formula for success.

Selling Through Partnering Skills uses the innovative VALUE framework to bring these key elements together. In doing so it helps build the skillset required in today’s commercial environment. With an improved mindset and associated techniques sales people are now able to engage customers with a new finesse that can drive longer, stronger relationships.

If winning business is a prime concern, then this is the book for you.


  1. Introduction – how it works
  2. Why PQ? – a basis for a successful sales approach
  3. What is PQ? – the 6 components
  4. What is MY PQ? – taking the test
  5. Why use Partnering Skills in selling? – the evolution of sales
  6. Introducing the VALUE Framework
  7. PQ in ‘Classic’ Selling – an earlier involvement in the buying process
  8. PQ in Solution Selling – key elements of the consultative approach
  9. PQ in Value Based Selling – aligning with more key players
  10. PQ in Enterprise Selling – breaking into the C-suite
  11. Summary – the power of PQ

The Elements of Partnering Intelligence

  • Trust
  • Interdependence
  • Self-disclosure and feedback
  • Win/win outlook
  • Future orientation
  • Comfort with change


To support the book and the use of partnering skills in sales we have developed a session to help all those involved in selling to understand this important new approach which will provide an invaluable opportunity to generate more business and build a successful career. Selling Through Partnering Skills – Training