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Assistance when it’s needed

Driving sales performance can often be daunting for an organisation and its sales leaders. This is usually because of the sheer number of things that can and should be done.

At Brindis we recognise this and are on hand to offer analysis into the selection of the what can really make a difference as well helping with ‘bandwidth’ so that the right things are also delivered at the right time.

We rely on our consultants applied experience in the world of sales and sales development as well as a fascination about our ever-changing environment. We constantly seek new ways our clients can benefit and as such our partner companies are also able to contribute to successful outcomes for our clients.

How we can help

Often before a training solution is implemented there are broader issues that need to be addressed. This can include the design of the sales organisation, its strategy, value proposition, or other sales related ‘architectural’ issues. As such a some carefully targeted consultancy can help create a much more effective sales force.

Areas that Brindis gets involved include

  • Designing and delivering large roll out sales programmes
  • Assisting in setting up and implementing Sales Academies
  • Developing bespoke Competence Frameworks for sales roles
  • Advising on setting up sales KPIs with input and output metrics
  • Designing Key Account Management processes
  • Developing templates for Key Account plans
  • Reviewing Sales Management practices
  • Aligning sales process to CRM
  • Developing tailored sales support toolkits
  • Transforming transactional sales to more complex sales
  • Providing input on Partnering Skills to strengthen business alliances and strategic partnerships
  • Recommending best practice in sales recruitment