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Making sales people better

The early days

Brindis was formed in response to an opportunity with Corona Extra brewer Grupo Modelo to establish training and development capabilities for the EMEA market.

The opportunity arose as the sales structure for the popular Mexican beer involved selling through a different distributor in each of the countries in the territory. Through close consultation it was established that not only would sales person’s competence be improved but also that their engagement would be increased – both key factors for growth needed in new areas.

As such the ‘Coronacademy’ was born.


Based at the Brussels headquarters a number of ‘open’ course were offered including ‘Selling to the On-Trade’, ‘Selling to the Off-Trade’, ‘Planning and Implementing Promotions’, ‘Sales Leadership’ and ‘Brand Management’. Development work was also undertaken ‘in-country’ to overcome language barriers and to assist with market specific challenges. A number of processes and planning tools were developed through the Brindis interaction with both internal and Distributor sales people and their managers, many of which are still used today.

Recent History

Since these early days Brindis has been involved with other companies in the drinks industry as well as expanding horizons to work with a broader commercial focus. As the scope of the business has widened so has geographical spread with activity now having taken place in over 30 countries across EMEA, the Americas and APAC. Brindis can therefore boast true international experience.

In every case there is a common factor – the focus on outcomes required. With these established, appropriate measures can be undertaken and development interventions designed that will deliver results. As such organisations can be confident in receiving a positive return on investment.

The bottom line

Essentially it is pretty simple, all those involved with Brindis have a clear and unified purpose – to make sales people better.

It is a profession we know and love, so anything that can help achieve this, we are ‘on it’.

How we can help your business thrive


Delivering training on both a strategic and tactical basis


A coaching approach that is pragmatic


Helping drive sales performance