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Strategic Selling in Key Accounts


(2 Days Duration)

Selling consistently and profitably to key accounts is the next stage in the successful sales person’s development. It requires a number of skills that take the individual further than simply ‘selling’ to clients. This session explores how to build relationships and through excellent service, innovation and good account management consistently yield more by understanding the real needs of your customers. Whilst it is essential that sales teams are technically competent, this will only take you so far – to have maximum impact it’s vital to recognise that people are generally inspired by inspirational people. Consequently, this session will focus on those, sometimes indefinable, personal qualities that really bring results.

Core behaviour/competencies developed during this module:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of commercial awareness
  • Demonstrate constant innovation
  • Refine customer research skills
  • Identify key players to approach
  • Develop a more consultative and strategic approach to client management


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Develop personal objectives
  • Defining a strategic approach
    Understanding your clients’ wants, needs & expectations
  • Examine the competitive Environment
  • The Nature of the Market Place
    Where do you fit in?
  • Unearthing new streams of revenue
    Creating new opportunities
  • Executing your plan
  • Creativity and constant innovation
    Selling your ideas / thinking laterally
  • What is a key account?
    – The Pareto principle
    – Key Account criteria / key account measurements and success
  • Selling to multiple decision makers
  • Client Company structure
  • Dealing with different department heads
  • Analysis of business environment
  • Buying motives / company culture
    – How to G.R.O.W. your client
    – How to C.A.R.E. for your client
  • Forecasting an account growth
  • Review personal objectives, summary & close