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Selling in the ‘New Normal’

Not Business as Usual

We are in one of the most challenging times that most salespeople will have ever faced. As such it not ‘business as usual’ and to try to address it in the same way as before is a mistake.

The whole environment is different, and sales professionals should embrace the opportunity to do something different and keep their competitive edge. It is about continuing to add value to customers and helping the relationship out of ‘Survive’ and move towards ‘Thrive’ mode faster.

Many in the commercial world already recognise volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity as drivers for change. This concept of VUCA will be used to describe the chaotic, turbulent and rapidly changing business environment that has become the ‘new normal’ for organisations for some time to come.

From Survive to Thrive

Brindis consultants have developed a suite of training to support individuals and organisations as they make the journey to adapt to the new normal.
Core to this are:

All sessions are designed to be delivered as Virtual Instructor-Led Training. Options available are:

  • Introduction (90 mins)
  • Intensive Foundation (1 day = 3 x 90 mins)
  • Applied Practice (Over 3 weeks = 3 x half day; coaching; project work)

Run in a virtual classroom basis all sessions are highly practical and can also be tailored for organisations

In recognition of the extreme circumstances that require these training interventions and understanding potential budget constraints Brindis is open to discussions about how to make investments in people.