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Self Management - (Time, Task & Planning Skills)


(1 Day Duration)

The main aim of this session is to help delegates to be able to identify personal preferences which influence the management of time, tasks and their personal organisation. They will develop skills in objective setting, organising and planning and be able to demonstrate proficiency in the areas of decision making in addition to delegation up, across and down the business. The session will also explore issues around personal organisation. We will utilise a ‘Time log’, which each delegate will use to keep a record of his or her activities prior to the session starting (this can be sent out with joining instructions).

Core behaviour/competencies developed during this module:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Recognising priorities
  • Personal organisation
  • Working to time scale and achieving goals
  • Time management


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Developing personal objectives
  • Why people fail to manage time
  • How effective are we currently?
    – Analysis of current working practices
  • Personal organisation
  • The importance of goals
    – Understanding the Pareto Principle
    – Prioritising your work
    – Setting ‘SMART’ goals
  • The pros and cons of ‘To do’ lists
  • Exercise – The ‘Time Thieves’
    – Identifying personal time thieves
  • Dealing with dead time, delays and down time
  • Combating procrastination
  • Communicating your plans
  • Effective delegation
    – Dealing with colleagues and seniors
  • Task Management
    – Analysis – The current station
    – Objective – Defining what you want to achieve
    – Strategy – Deciding how to achieve the objective
    – Procedure – How to put a plan into action
    – Checks – Ensure you are on session and making necessary adjustments
    – Assessment – How to evaluate your plan or project
  • Managing energy levels
  • Review personal objectives, summary & close