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Sales Psychology


(2 Days Duration)

The ability to ‘read’ and react to people remains a key ability of any successful salesperson. This session uses a number of models, tools and techniques to heighten an individual’s awareness of both themselves and others. Participants will be encouraged to think about different ways they can engage with customers and make connections on a deeper level. Highly practical, the session is interactive and participative, with a strong element of self analysis and feedback.

Core behaviour/competencies developed during this module:

  • Recognising their own and others personality components
  • Adapting their behaviour for maximum customer comfort
  • Understanding their natural preferred selling style
  • Adjusting their sales approach to balance both company and customer objectives
  • Profiling how they and others operate in a team environment
  • Helping them understand and channel their psychological drivers
  • Detailing options to generate their own, and others motivation
  • Making customer connections and giving insight


  • Welcome, introduction & review personal objectives
  • Empathy Selling
    – Concept of personality components
    – Recognising the clues and adapting your approach
  • Selling Styles
    – Critical areas of selling – ‘Concern for…’
    – Plotting your own style and the ideal outcome
    – Strategies for improvement
  • Buying Styles ~ Shifting ‘Concerns for…’
    – Who do you prefer?
    – Selling tactics and coaching the customer
    – Application in Negotiation, KAM and Management
  • Belbin Team Roles ~ How are you?
    – Behavioural tools vs psychometrics
  • Emotional Intelligence ~ EQ vs IQ
    – Morons, imbeciles and idiots…
    – Selling as an Art or Science?
    – Emotional Competencies Model
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Classic Motivation Theories
    – McGregor: X and Y/Herzberg: Hygiene Factors/Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs
  • NLP and Meta-Programmes
    – What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?
    – What are Meta-Programmes?
    – Some useful
  • Customer Engagement and ‘Insight-ability’
  • Review personal objectives, summary & close