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Professional Selling Skills


(2 Days Duration)

This course is designed to equip participants to be able to work in a way defined to deliver sales success. As well as gaining a deeper understanding of the company they represent and the attraction they have for customer, sales people will be encouraged to target the type of account where they can have the most impact. A sales process is then introduced to ensure that all the ‘right things’ are done to allow the presentation of a solid business proposition and allowing for long term, mutually beneficial business.

Core behaviour/competencies developed during this module:

  • Identify why you are different, and how selling structure adds value
  •  Use stories and facts to bring the offer to life
  • Understand why it is important to drive and support sales with a structured approach
  • Effectively research a potential account to ensure suitability of offer
  • Apply correct questioning techniques to explore customer needs
  • Write a powerful ‘Business Offer’
  • Generate more business through appropriate planning


  • Welcome, introduction and review personal objectives
  • What are you selling
    – Why are we different?
    – What the salesperson adds
    – The power of sales process
  • Customer profiling
    – Who buys and why?
    – Where do we find them?
  • Researching Prospective Accounts
    – Becoming effective and credible
    – What do we need to know?
    – Creating a checklist template
  • Establishing the Customers’ Needs
    – Preparing for the call
    – Asking the right questions
    – Focusing on perceived differences
    – Need creation and development
    – Plotting the conversation path
    – Presenting ideas professionally
  • Making a Serious Proposal
    – Drafting a written offer
    – Using a logical sales argument
    – Making the numbers work
  • Action planning
    – Making it all happen
    – Generating ongoing business
    – Keeping the relationship going
  • Review personal objectives, summary & close