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Negotiation Skills


(2 Days Duration)

The first concept of the negotiation process that all sales people need to understand is knowing exactly when the ‘selling’ has stopped and the ‘negotiation’ has started. This moduel will focus on, not only, distinguishing between the two elements, but also, the basic component parts of any negotiation and how to navigate the ‘mechanics’ of the process to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. Delegates will leave the session with a tool kit of the techniques and formulas needed to be successful in a competitive commercial environment.

Core behaviour/competencies developed during this module:

  • Understanding negotiation techniques and formulas
  • Planning and structuring the negotiation
  • Understanding what is a Win:Win situation
  • Becoming an active listener
  • Analyse and react to different buyer types


  • Welcome and introduction
  • What is negotiation? – The art of bargaining
  • Difference between selling and negotiating
  • Characteristics of average vs good negotiators
  • The negotiation process
    Preparation; Meeting; Commitment
  • Planning and preparation
    Setting realistic targets ~ spinning WEBs
    Establishing a BATNA
    Know Your Customer!
    Building a negotiation template
  • The key skills of negotiation meetings
    When to start negotiating
    Controlling the start
    The four OPTA phases of negotiation (Open; Propose; Trade; Agree)
    Shopping lists
  • Searching for variables
    Short term/mid term/long term
  • Trading
    The Golden Guidelines
  • Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed
  • Professional buying tricks and gambits
  • Group feedback / individual feedback
  • Review personal objectives, summary & close