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Managing & Leading Teams


(2 Days Duration)

Management life in many organisations today is becoming constantly more complex and this brings enormous demands on those entrusted with the role of leadership as well as their colleagues. This session seeks to define effective leadership as an activity for managers, which requires an alignment of action and attitude if optimum performance is to be achieved. The content addresses those issues that will explore how the manager can lead a team  successfully, communicate vision and achieve their personal and professional objectives in an ever more demanding environment

Core behaviour/competencies developed during this module:

  • People management
  • Understanding motivation
  • Performance management
  • Effective communication
  • Achieving teamwork and co-operation


  • Welcome, introduction & review personal objectives
  • Managing people
    – Motivating the individuals and the team
    – Theories of motivation / Inspiring ownership
    – Communicating effectively
    – Dealing with difficult people / situations
    – Transactional Analysis / Managing conflict and difficult issues
  • Moving from Managing to Leading
    – Effective historical leaders / Personal leadership styles
    – Leadership theories & models
    – Defining leadership as an activity / Developing leadership behaviours
    – When to manage? / When to lead?
    – Assessing circumstances and selecting style
  • Managing the team
    – Delegation & empowerment – Deciding what to delegate to who and when
    – Creating a strong team ethic aligned to a strong work ethic
    – Assessing the dynamics of your team
    – Deciding on and allocating team roles and resources
    – Achieving team success by managing personalities
  • Effective Performance Management
    – Individual and team performance assessment ~ Criteria for success / KPI’s
    – Assessing and measuring good / poor performance
    – Giving feedback on good / poor performance
    – Identifying training and coaching needs
    – Staff developments plans / objectives
    – Follow up & review procedures
    – Review personal objectives, summary & close