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Please Don’t Force Christmas on Me

Nov 15, 2019

By Fred Copestake

I don’t like Christmas. There, said it. There’s no specific reason, it’s just not my thing, a personal choice.

Yet say this to most people and they either don’t believe you, tell you why you do (I don’t) or immediately start to try to ‘cure’ you… usually by promoting the things that go towards the dislike.

If I were to say I was teetotal or on a diet would people straight away extol the virtues of whiskey and cake? Doubtful, but with Christmas you are fair play and people will push their opinions, their preferences, about why essentially they like it.

It’s not uncommon to see this behaviour replicated in the world of sales where are a sales person has a fixed view of a product or service they sell and will push this as to them it makes sense and is wonderful. In doing so they are completely ignoring the frame of reference of the potential (and soon to be ‘non’) customer.

People view world in different ways and by applying your own perspective you can quickly alienate them. Forcing an issue they have no interest in or indeed do not like is the worst way to build a sound relationship, the foundations of good business. It basically shows lack of respect by not understanding or caring how someone thinks.

People will put huge amount of effort into making their point but if it isn’t in line with another’s preferences it is time wasted. Instead use the energy to find out how the other thinks, their opinions, the things important to them and align communication (be it sales pitch or whatever) to that.

From a professional point of view I’m passionate about helping people with improving their ability in this area and seeing the commercial results it can drive… from a personal aspect, I don’t like Christmas, don’t force the issue.