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Maximising the Opportunities of Remote Selling

Mar 8, 2020


Whether through choice or as a result of isolation salespeople are spending less time face to face with customers.

However this does not have be a negative and indeed the top professional will turn it to their advantage by using the opportunity to do something different and keep their competitive edge.

Whether this is better thinking and planning or reaching out in a new way the opportunities are there.

This is NOT just another telesales course. It is development designed for salespeople who need quality interaction with customers and therefore often choose to conduct this in face to face meeting. It addresses how to keep this continuity if that option is taken away. 


– Recognising opportunities

– Using appropriate media

– Structuring activity

– Maintaining contact

– Using Social Selling techniques

– Developing and using a personal action plan


Course Outline

Why Remote?
Enforced isolation
Time and travel cost

Opportunities for the Salesperson
Thinking – time for reflection and bring in the moment
Planning – territory, account, sales opportunity
Writing – generating content for social media and customer engagement

Opportunities for the Relationship
Planning – working together to generate activity better business outcomes
Reviewing – evaluating adding value
Selling – ‘business as usual’ via different media

Using Different Media
Phone – it’s good to talk!
Virtual conferencing – Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
Email – questioning, proposing, sharing insight, driving action

Media Best Practice
Hints and tips to make the most of VCs

Using a Structured Approach
Sales – keeping control using AIDA
Reviews – why QBRs are a waste of time (and what to do instead)
Webinars – appealing to the masses

Keeping in Touch

Introduction to Social Selling
What is it?
Developing a personal philosophy and approach

Bringing It All Together
Developing personal action plans
Committing to action