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Spooktacular… really? Is that the best you can do?

Oct 30, 2019

It’s not exactly novel is it?

It’s an example of laziness masquerading as creativity.

At this time of year it’s not difficult to come across any number of things that all of a sudden become ‘spooktacular’ as if this quasi-zany addition is going to make is it interesting. It won’t. If it’s dull, it’s dull with a bit of dull and lazy promotion added to it.

It happens so often that at a certain time of year sales and marketing people just hit the button and out pops the generic piece of promotion.

But sadly it doesn’t stop there. Around every corner businesses are peddling the same old same old… and most likely expecting a different result. All year long.

Where is the creativity? Where is the wow – (that’s different) – factor?

It’s a malaise gripping those, particularly in ‘safe’ corporate roles, that they won’t or indeed can’t shake things up. Whether it be lack of will or skill both can be addressed and at brindis we would love to help with this.

Give us a go, the results could be ‘fangtastic’!