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Selling in a Crisis

Mar 17, 2020

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ – probably the worst advice to give! 

We are in one of the most challenging times most salespeople will have ever faced. It is not ‘business as usual’ and to try to address it as such but just using video conferencing technology is a mistake.

The whole environment is different, but this does not have be viewed negatively. Indeed the top sales professionals will turn it to their advantage by using the opportunity to do something different and keep their competitive edge. Whether this is through better thinking and planning or reaching out in a new way, the opportunities are there.

To do this effectively requires change, not to carry on as before. In principle the changes are around Mindset and Structure.

Mindset is about understanding how to ‘Keep Calm and Take Control’. The professional salesperson has the opportunity to provide a calming influence to those around (customers and colleagues) by using T-CUP psychology – thinking clearly under pressure. By projecting stability discussions can move beyond shared panic to a more productive shared planning.

Structure becomes important as sales interactions will be different. Whilst there is the need for trying to ensure a degree of continuity, discussions will not be ‘normal’. Working in isolation can mean having clearer thinking space an effective salesperson can use the time to guide customers through frameworks to provoke insightful reflection.

Difficult times means spotting opportunities without being opportunistic and pursuing profit without profiteering. It’s what professionals do.

Brindis has developed training specifically to help sales people in these times;

Training Objectives

Adopting the right mindset

Recognising opportunities

Using appropriate media

Structuring the approach

Maintaining contact

Using Social Selling techniques

Developing and using a personal action plan

 Course Content

Working Remotely?
– Enforced isolation
– Reinvesting time and travel cost

Using Different Media
– Phone – it’s good to talk!
– Virtual conferencing – Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
– Email – questioning, proposing, sharing insight, driving action

 Media Best Practice
– Hints and tips to make the most of VCs
– Powerful 

 Social Selling
– What is it?
– Developing a personal approach


Opportunities for the Salesperson
– Thinking – time for reflection and bring in the moment
– Planning – territory, account, sales opportunity
– Writing – generating content for social media and customer engagement

Opportunities for the Relationship
– Planning – working together to generate activity better business outcomes
– Reviewing – evaluating adding value
– Selling – ‘business as usual’ via different media


Using a Structured Approach
– Sales – keeping control using AIDA
– Reviews – why QBRs are a waste of time (and what to do instead)
– Health checks – of the business and relationship
– Generating insight – application of classic and modern tools
– Webinars – appealing to the masses

Keeping Touch
– Using STAIRS

Bringing It All Together
– Developing personal action plans
– Committing to action