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Delivering results driven sales performance improvement

We use experience and insight to develop sales professionals at all levels to achieve higher levels of success


Delivering strategic and tactical training


Using a pragmatic coaching approach


Driving best practice in organisations

By consultants for clients

Brindis is a specialist sales performance consultancy run by consultants for clients. By having direct interaction with stakeholders we are better able to deliver required outcomes more effectively.

We are all about ‘performance enhancement’ for the people we work with and all over the world Brindis has worked with clients to improve the results of both individuals and teams.

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got’.

By identifying the things to change to achieve maximum impact Brindis can help deliver the outcomes desired by sales people, managers and the organisation in general.

Helping you improve results

Results are achieved through a variety of interventions including training, coaching and consulting. By working to understand what will make a difference, Brindis can generate ‘applied insight’ and ensure that all stakeholders in the development process receive a return on their investment.

79% of sales leaders say a leading driver of hitting new targets is improving the productivity of existing sales people.


81% of companies say productivity would improve with better process, skills, or competency training.


High-performing sales organisations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training as low-performing ones.


According to Forbes magazine, 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills.

According to a recent report by a leading US Telecoms company the best sales training will improve the performance of an individual on average by 20%.

82% of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared.


A study of 540 companies shows that continuous investments in training and reinforcement result in over 50% higher net sales per employee and nearly 40% higher gross profits per employee

High-performing companies are twice as likely to provide their sales teams with ongoing training.


79% of business buyers want their sales reps to be trusted advisors who add value. Customers want consultants, not ‘old-style sales pros’.


Our projects & experience

Having executed projects in over 30 countries and in a variety of industries Brindis has an enviable track record of success with a huge number of sales professionals now experiencing greater success through improved performance.

We are proud to work with experienced consultants and selected companies that share the same philosophy – which is to help our client’s business succeed.

The people behind Brindis

Founder and Principal Consultant: Fred Copestake
Brindis was formed in response to an opportunity with a global brewer to establish training and development capabilities for the EMEA market.

Since then Brindis has expanded horizons to work with a broader commercial focus.

As the scope of the business has widened so has geographical spread with activity now having taken place in over 35 countries across EMEA, the Americas and APAC. Brindis can therefore boast true international experience.

A wealth of sales expertise.
We use a team of top Sales Consultants and Trainers with experience across many industries, different types of businesses and geographies.

Key to success are the Lead Consultants who bring a wealth of knowledge to projects and a focus on delivering value in all they do.

Everyone involved with Brindis shares the philosophy that we work for the benefit of our clients and that objectives should be aligned to deliver the results that matter.

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