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Back to School for Sales Professionals

May 22, 2020

Back to School for Sales Professionals
– Adapting to Selling in the New Normal


The world has changed, and sales professionals need to adapt to be relevant in the ‘new normal’.

We are in one of the most challenging times most salespeople will have ever faced. As such it’s not ‘business as usual’ and to try to address it in the same way as normal by just throwing in a bit of video conferencing technology, firing off emails or swamping social media would be a mistake.

The degree of change can be likened to making the transition to ‘big school’. A potentially difficult time but one made easier by understanding and preparation. This session equips salespeople to quickly rise to ‘top of the class’

Key elements

New skillset

Like being the new boy/girl – selling in the new normal will require new skills or an adaptation of those traditionally used

New behaviours

Like learning the new school rules – how customers and colleagues react to change will determine a new way of working  

New challenges

Like putting on the new uniform – making the right impression to new and existing customers will alter as drivers and priorities change

New media

Like working in a new classroomusing new tools and technology, whether by necessity or design, will become part of the new way salespeople need to operate

New opportunities

Like realising now is the time to grow – selling is shifting more than ever towards a more collaborative approach and those professionals that can make the shift have a real opportunity to shine

(Designed to be run in a virtual classroom)

Using the tech
Session overview
Personal objectives

Understanding Change
Moving along the change curve
Individual reactions
Recognising customers

The New Sales Professional
Defining ASK Factors
Conducting a self-audit

Useful Thinking
– Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Sales best practice
– Classic, Consultative, Value based, Enterprise
Partnering skills (PQ)

Addressing Current Challenges
New drivers              
– RESPECT Factors              
New priorities
– Success criteria              
– KPIs
New messages              
– Value Proposition              
– Case studies

Connecting with Customers
Intent and content
Selecting the right media  
– E-mail, phone, virtual meeting              
– Social media
Telling stories

Running Virtual Meetings
– Objectives, agendas, preparation
– Meeting structure (AIDA)              
– Managing the tech
Effective follow ups, proposals              
– Next steps

Improving Collaboration
Sensitive questioning skills
Generating insight
Structured thinking models             
– Gap analysis             
– GROW             
– Business Model Canvas

Action Points
Personal Development Plan
Making it happen